Beige & Brunette

Before I tell you why my blog is called Beige & Brunette let’s talk about why I have a blog, and where the idea of blogging began for me.

I was in Sydney for about six months off and on. It’s pretty ridiculous how often I left Sydney to come back to America just to go back to Australia. Between February – September of 2006 I flew out there either out of SFO or MIA. Anyway, I was there to get a feel for life in Sydney, because it could have ended up being my permanent home. That was the plan. But as you already know we are the “designers of our destiny” or as you’ve heard the “architect of your life”. Well, I backed out of that plan not because I didn’t fall in love with Sydney, because I actually did, and till this day I miss it so much and hopefully get to go back soon; but because instead of saying “I do” I just didn’t.

While I was in Sydney I spent a lot of time alone. Back then I had abundance of time. So, five days a week with a point-and-shoot-camera I went out to explore the city on my own. I would even photograph flat-whites! Way before that became a thing. I am sure many did so too but it wasn’t known to be popular just yet. Same with blogging. Blogging wasn’t popular but the concept was spreading like wildfire. I had heard of it and I was curious about the new thing and wanted to have a blog of my own. I actually signed up for a blog, called it Bella Lvna (yes with a “v”); I have no idea what happened to it, I never kept it up. It wasn’t a fun and easy platform like WordPress which is what I use. I remember it being orange and yellow, and annoying to set up. img_3064

Fast track to 2013, when I was pregnant with my first born I wanted to blog and this time keep it active. But I mostly spent that time researching, deciding, wondering, and looking for answers to my questions. First I looked for inspiration just about everywhere, even on youtube. In 2014 my baby was born and I still wasn’t blogging but I knew I wanted to. Still researching, still looking for ideas, answers, etc. Finally in 2015 I thought, okay I can do this. I will start blogging this year. But it didn’t actually happen until January 2016. Ten years later from when I first created my first blog. Aha! I don’t think there’s anything magical there. It’s just an even number of years.

Well, even though I felt I had all these ideas in my head about what I wanted to blog about…coming up with a name was the frustrating bit. Shouldn’t it be the easy bit? At last I decided on Beige & Brunette. Far from what I feel my blog is about but I already had come up with that domain, and Instagram handle, so I kept it.

Beige & Brunette: My skin is beige or at least my makeup foundation is and my hair is brunette. Maybe it was a no brainer but there it is. I blog because I want to express my creative side and even though suddenly it’s everyone’s dream to blog, it’s a really great way to be creative on your own time, share ideas, tips, inspire, connect with like minded individuals, and have something of your own where it will live forever.

PS: There is no right or wrong way of blogging. It is your own. You design it however you want and you blog about whatever topics you want. Enough researching already. Just start!

“If not now, when?” JFK

How did you come up with your blog name?


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