P.O.B: Place of Birth.

“If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.” – Scott McKenzie

Born and raised in foggy San Francisco, California in the 70’s. FYI San Francisco is not sunny or full of palm trees like Southern California. A complete misconception thanks to Hollywood films.

My mom decided to name me Cynthia Carolina. Growing up I disliked the name Cynthia maybe it was because she overused my name. Once I grew up and moved away I started introducing myself as Carolina. So, I have friends who know me by Cynthia or Carolina depending on which side of the coast I am on.

San Francisco is where I was born but it is not where I plan to stay six feet under. In my twenty’s I did a lot of traveling and moving around from state to state or just two really and several countries. By 2009 I had lived in two states, and five countries in four continents.

What two states, and what five countries, and what four continents? If you were mindfully reading this post by now you know the answer to one of each.

More about me on other posts.

Thank you for your interest in my blog.




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