Oscar de la Renta – The Restrospective at De Young Museum

When it comes to fashion, especially the iconic, classic, long-term designers that I have admired for my entire existence, I become ecstatic if there is an exhibit in my geographic location. Considering how often I’ve left town or moved away, then yes I become ecstatic, because I am actually in town for such an amazing event.

This Spring De Young museum hosted the most wonderful and memorable exhibit for the late talented and impressive designer, Oscar de la Renta.

That blissful afternoon I was on my own along with hoards of fashionistas admiring the beautiful creations by the master creator. I loved that his designs varied in style all influenced by international women. Evidently, Oscar de la Renta found inspiration from his global expeditions or from the women he met.

As if alone in the world, I snapped photos of my favorite collections. The truth: I was in my element and well deserved “me-time”. Until today I hadn’t made the time to share them with anyone. Not on Instagram nor on my blog. Finally, here they are for you to see.

“Every season I am inspired by women.”

“For me, my work is a celebration of a woman’s beauty and femininity. At the end of the day, I make dresses and I want to make her happy.”

“Today, women have the power to make their own decisions. She doesn’t really care so much about whose dress she will wear; she cares about how she identifies with that dress, how that dress represents [how] she feels on a particular day.”

“The ladies who lunch is one of the corniest phrases and one I deeply hate. Because it doesn’t exist, not anymore. Whether the woman is working for a salary or working as a volunteer, what’s important in the modern history of American fashion is the emergence of a woman who is no longer a socialite.”

Be the designer of your own destiny.

Oscar de la Renta passed away October 20, 2014.


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