Axiom Hotel & Turn Cafe – San Francisco

Axiom Hotel Lobby
Turn Cafe
Complimentary Arcades
Axiom Hotel Lobby

Axiom Hotel is a newly opened modern boutique hotel in the heart of San Francisco, located just outside the Cable Car Turn on Powell & Market Streets; nestled between Sephora, The Gap, and San Francisco Westfield Centre.

The hotel is actually welcoming to locals and tourist alike. Turn cafe offers a delicious selection of bites, variety of latte’s and even handcrafted cocktail drinks.

The lounge area on the main level offer luxury comfort. The tables have outlets to plug in your devices, and ample table space to work. Everything is furnished with midcentury-modern design chairs. My favourite!

You’re also welcome to enjoy your latte or drink in the hotel lobby. Just makes the experience much more enjoyable.

On the Mezzanine you can also enjoy your food, drinks, and latte. There’s several flat screen TV’s, and four complimentary aracades!

This venue immediately became my new favourie spot in the city. In just one week I went twice. I’ll be going in every week that’s for sure.

Happy Hour from 3-7 everyday of the week. Visit Axiom Hotel for room rates.



4 Replies to “Axiom Hotel & Turn Cafe – San Francisco”

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m glad I could show you something new from SF. When you do visit after things setting in NY for’ll have a reason to visit Axiom hotel. You’ll love their coffee!!! Xx


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