Saint Frank Coffee – San Francisco

San Francisco is so small you can literally walk the whole city if you like. But you must be willing to actually walk, hop-on/hop-off public transport too if needed, but most of all you must enjoy the act of walking, period. And of course have nothing but time.

As you walk you are likely to discover many, many places you would’ve otherwise missed if you decided to opt out on going up and down hilly streets of San Francisco.

If you have plans to see the famous Lombard Street (it’s nearby), come in to Saint Frank Coffee, order one to go or have it in here and relax for a moment. After all if you have been doing a lot of walking you might as well.


Saint Frank Coffee

2340 Polk Street

San Francisco, CA 94109

M-Sat 7-7 • Sun 8-6


2 Replies to “Saint Frank Coffee – San Francisco”

  1. What a gift you have…these images are stunning and set my mind on a whirlwind of imaginings…who are these people? How do they know each other? Where have they been just prior to being here, and where are they going afterwards?….I love your posts…thanks for sharing 🙂


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