Halloween – San Francisco 

Halloween this year was complete with intermittent rain that begun right about the time all the little creatures and goblins came out crawling out of thin air summoned on this annual spooktacular evening.

As a new mommy I hadn’t much of an idea of where in San Francisco the funnest neighborhood would be for trick or treating.

Thanks to one of my mommy friends whom I’ve known for over 7 years since our job in marketing days, she vouched her neighborhood to be the place to be on Halloween night.

Last year I didn’t get to take my son anywhere for Halloween fun. Frankly, I was gutted but I can’t remember why not. And yet I was aware of my friend’s neighborhood having the best Halloween area for trick or treating.

So, at last my two year old toddler was keen on dressing up for the occasion (altho I can not remember why not last year) and little did he know this was the night he would collect sweets to his hearts’ content along with dozens and dozens of children dressed up in their cool and interesting costumes too.

If you happen to be in the San Francisco area be sure to visit this blog for other neighborhoods that are high on the list of places to be on Halloween night. Side note: I researched this to provide for you to have options. And who knows maybe next year I’ll take my little Captain America on another Halloween adventure to one of the other coolest neighborhoods of San Francisco.

Do you spot the Dinosaur? Yep, it’s a costume and not some halloween decoration.

I hope you enjoy the photos I took of our Halloween adventure this year.

Until next year. Arhwooooooo!


3 Replies to “Halloween – San Francisco ”

  1. Oh, my gosh…I can’t stand how adorable your little boy is! And, your post is a dream come true…I’ve only ever seen San Francisco on TV, but fell in love with the row houses…but, thanks to you, it is even more captivating than I had imagined….your photos are just glorious…wow, not a fan of Halloween, until this moment, you have opened up the floodgates of my imagination…thank you…thanks for sharing your awesome gift 🙂


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