Mother’s Day at The Palace Hotel

For Mother’s Day, my husband surprised me to a staycation at one of my top favorite hotels of San Francisco.

address & front entrance

I first fell in love with the Palace Hotel in my teens. Being raised in San Francisco that was quite possible. Unfamiliar with the interior, but swooned over the exterior, the hotel captivated my heart forever. The façade alone was quite impressive and enough to make anyone’s heart swell and ignite lust after the impeccable beauty of this insitution. It may be all brick on the outside but it is clear that this hotel is pure elegance on inside as it is on the outside.

Garden Court majestic ceiling

When Michael Douglas fell through the roof of the Palace Hotel – Garden Court I was more than thrilled. I’m talking about his character, Nicholas Van Orton, in the film “The Game”? If you haven’t  watched it, then what are you waiting for?!  I swear it is a fantastic film.

beautiful lounge
Garden Court majestic ceiling

It was until I was in my early twenties and attending the Academy of Art that I had this gorgeous hotel at my feet. How so?! Well, my art school is just across the street from it! So, there would times that I would take sneek peaks of the magnificent Garden Court. Pure bliss.

morning light
my son

And so to actually stay the night for Mother’s Day eventhough we practically live in the area, like, walking distance, it was, forgive my cliché, a dream come true and very thoughtful of my husband.

heated pool and overhead classical music

Now for a little trivia. The Palace Hotel was first opened in 1875. To Americans that leaves us in utter awe, but to anyone else that is not a long time ago. Also, it was in ruins after the 1906 earthquake and fire. Reopening in 1909 as a completely different hotel on the inside. Then recently it went under a complete renovation, making its grand debut again in 2015.

Garden Court

Yet the coolest piece of information about this hotel is that the Garden Court was once an open space for horse carriages. I would have loved seeing that. But also when I was in art school and visiting just because, the Garden Court was filled with palm trees.

Foyer – main entrance

By the way, I never meant to leave a lengthy post about my stay but as you can see I have a soft spot for the Palace Hotel.

For before and after photos visit (here). And for hotel reservations visit (here).

Superior room
kimono robe I’ve had since 2005 I simply love it
these are the pajama’s I specifically bought for the maternity room after giving birth
hotel toiletries
swimwear by La Blanca
superior room bathroom with night light
corridor mirrors on each floor–shawl by Anthropologie
side entrance on Market Street above the Montgomery BART station

My favorite thing about the hotel was the warm welcome and inviting atmosphere; the old aesthetics interwoven with the new, and contemporary; the French trim walls in the room in dove grey for a calming ambiance and extremely comfortable beds. It was indeed a fine Mother’s Day; one that I’ll remember forever, and get to tell my little prince how lucky he was to have stayed in this gorgeous, historical hotel at the age of two, and how he would get up and walk up to the mini fridge to help himself to fruit.

I hope my photos convey what a lovely hotel it is. There are many other room options. Be sure to visit their site for more hotel details.

Thank you for visiting my blog!


3 Replies to “Mother’s Day at The Palace Hotel”

  1. First, I must remember my manners and congratulate you on such a wonderful gift granted by your ultra-thoughtful husband….and, then, selfishly thank you for sharing your amazing photos and narrative I’m awestruck….than you for sharing….I’m definitely going to visit the hotel’s website….also, the movie, “The Game” is a really great one….I was completely caught off guard by the twist….it was disturbing in a most entertaining and provocative way 🙂 Again, I am so happy for you….and, thanks for sharing 🙂


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