Ma Maison

Your home is your sanctuary. No matter your style, it should always be a place of zen.

How to create a home that transcends a living space.

  1. Spring clean often. (One room at a time on different days to simplify the task)
  2. Have functional & practical key pieces (furniture,etc).
  3. Create a mood & ambiance with a colorscheme.
  4. Be minimal. Your home should feel lite, airy, and spacious.
  5. Always let light in. Open the windows for fresh air & circulation.

Spring cleaning is one of my favorite hobbies (if you can call it that). Every week I find the time to eliminate, condense, and refresh my collection of things. I rid of anything unwanted and unneeded. Whether that be in my closet, the kitchen, the bathroom, or the bedroom.

My living room doesn’t have anything to eliminate. Although, it could use some TLC as we speak. Once I’ve found the perfect frames to go on my walls, I will be sure to post them.


comfort & cozy


By doing this you’re ridding yourself of clutter. Releasing tension in your homes aura, lifting it’s mood, and creating a happy space.

If you do this, you’ll notice you’ll be happier to be spending time indoors. You’ll feel inspired to be creative with your days spent at home. Either by whipping up cuisine, enjoying the art of doing nothing but living simply, or by pampering yourself as you would in a spa but in your bathroom.

In our home we like to keep an open space. It also happens to create lots of playspace for our little one. Since our home is clutter free we have stressfree parenting. That means almost never having to say “no”. Of course he knows what “no” means but at home it’s rarely used. As there isn’t anything he is not allowed to touch. It is our way of life, but it has kept our little family stress free. Everyone is happy. And happiness is a great feeling.

playspace & dining table


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