The Art Of Wax

To get the most out of your luxury candles, the art of wax is a fact. No more black smoke on glass.

  1. New candle? Trim wick before burning
  2. You must burn candle until the wax (top layer) has liquefied (each time)
  3. Wax has a memory that’s why it’ll either burn evenly or not
  4. Burn candles 3 hrs max
  5. Never move a burning candle!
  6. Important! You must always trim the wick each time you burn a candle to avoid smoke and to allow the fragrance in the wax to release
  7. Do this and you will have gotten your money’s worth but mainly a true sense of burning luxury candles



3 Replies to “The Art Of Wax”

  1. I had no idea you were meant to trim the wick before burning or let the top layer of the candle liquify each time! Really useful to know – thanks 🙂


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